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Dixi Strážní andělé

Rainbow bridge
C.I.B. Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky
JCh. Arny Avenger Střípek snů

JCh. Coral Magic Střípek snů

 Arny Avenger Střípek snů

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The Year 2008

Our hopeful puppy - Arny Avenger Střípek snů, 5 weeks old. I did expect to get offspring with thecolor like this from Carinka. But I must admit that I'm suprised to get it in this litter. From now on, we will try to get some wolfsable puppies.

Merry Christmas from Arny Avenger a Andy Arracain Střípek snů

There's a new section of the website for the movies. Dixi is really excited to play with the boys yet.

Boys are already 3 weeks old and they come to see you!

Arny a Andy Střípek snů - 1 týden


The first boys' week here is gone. They are stil very small co they are celebrating with a sleeping.

You know, they didn't pay much attention to me taking photos. But when the Mamma is gone somewhere in the house, they are cheerful even with me. Carinka is a modern mother, no sleeping with the puppies all day long. But to be true to her, she is the best mother there can be when puppies are calling her.

Arny a Andy Střípek snů - 1 týden Arny a Andy Střípek snů - 1 týden

Carinka is a mother now

Today, 23.11.2008, Carinka gave birth to two wonderful puppy-boys.

ANDY ARRACAIN is probably in his father's colors.
Heavy orange/or/cream-sable
ARNY AVENGER looks alike his mother when she was baby. So his final color will be seen later.

Cárinka, 23 months old2008-11-08
Only 2 weeks remains before our puppies are born. You can already see their pedigree.
Puppies are available. Both sire and dam are successful at dogshows.

I said I won't use PL unexaminated dogs for breeding. Carinka, dam of this litter, is PL 0/0.
Sire - Dark-Man - wasn't examined for PL and he was already 11 years old when I decided for him. So I will never know what PL result would he get in proper age for PL testing. Even veterinary doctor was suprised by my request. I did it anyway. "The old boy" is now PL 2/2 and in perfect health condition.

We're hoping our first spitz litter to be born in late November. Expected coat colour is orange-sable and heavy orange-sable. More info soon...

Dam: JCh.Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky
Sire: Ch.Dark-Man Modrý asir - already 11 years old pomeranian, his parents were exported from Soffies kennel.

Dark-Man, 11 years old

Dixi Strážní andělé

Special dogshow, Czech Spitz Club, Červená stráň:
JCh. Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - Excellent 1, CAC, Best Female, BOB

Welcome to my new website. Please be patient, I'm stil working on english version. But I can't simply stand the old ones, it was designed for only two dogs, not for the whole pack ; )

International dogshow Ceske Budejovice, CZ:
JCh.Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - V1, CAC, Res.CACIB

National dogshow Ostrava, CZ:
JCh.Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - V1, CAC

National dogshow Nitra, SK:
JCh.CZ Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - Excellent 1, CAC - and also became SLOVAK JUNIOR CHAMPION

Internalional dogshow Praha, CZ:
JCh. Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - V1, CAC, CACIB, Cruft's 2009 qualification

International dogshow Brno, CZ:
JCh. Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - Excellent 1, CAC

Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - 2.Nekrásnější mladá fena na MVP Trenčín
International Dogshow Trenčín,
26th January 2008, SK:

our female zwergspitz (pomeranian)

Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky

- Excellent 1, CAJC -
and the final winners' show

The Most Beautyful Junior II.

Our Zwergspitz girl Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky is PL 0/0 (PL free).

Cárinka, Nejkrásnější mladá fena Olomouce

National Dog Show Olomouc, 11th January 2008, CZ:

our female zwergspitz (pomeranian)

Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky

Excellent 1, CAJC and the final winners' show
The Most Beautyful Junior Bitch

Simultaneously, at her third czech dogshow, at the age of 14 months,
she became
Czech Junior Champion

Dixi Strážní andělé - Excellent 2

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