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Rainbow bridge
C.I.B. Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky
JCh. Arny Avenger Střípek snů

JCh. Coral Magic Střípek snů

 Arny Avenger Střípek snů

Our youngest, Cristine, wish you with me and all my dogs...

PF 2012

18. 12. 2011
Unfortunatedly, even second mating with Henri was unsuccessful. I even try herpes vaccination for the first time, to be sure about everything.
So we hope to have puppies in spring 2012.

In kennel Zlatý kvítek another Carinka's grandchild was born. Her name is Debbie, she is orange-sable Zwergspitz.
sire: Andy Arracain Střípek snů, PL 0/0
dam: Turissa z Tichého háje.

3. 12. 2011
Carinka became Grandmother today! :-)
In kennel Zlatý kvítek, two orange girls were born, Caroll and Connie. They are Kleinspitzes.
sire: Andy Arracain Střípek snů, PL 0/0
dam: Abby Zlatý kvítek

14. 11. 2011
We're hoping for puppies... Ch. Damascusroad HENRI BY THE SEA & C.I.B. CÁRINKA z Krakovanské skalky.
You can take a look at >> more photos << from previous meeting of Henri and Carinka or at >> puppies' pedigree <<
Dolfík a Cárinka

24. 9. 2011
Club Show, Mladá Boleslav (CZ), judge Mr. Esa Ruotsalainen (Finland).
Coral Magic Střípek snů - junior class - Excellent 1
C.I.B Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - winner class - Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner, BOB

18. 9. 2011
National Show Brno (CZ), judge Mrs. Věra Veverková (CZ).
Coral Magic Střípek snů - junior class, 12 months old - Excellent 1, CAJC, Best of Juniors, BOB

Coral Magic Střípek snů

This summer was all the work for me at university, so, even the website waits a lot of updates now.

Cristine and Coral are one year old already. They grew up a little and here there are, fluffy orange sable balls. And I'm very happy to write something more - that they both have done their bonitations and patella tests.

Coral Magic Střípek snů - male - available for breeding - PL 0/0
Cristine Claire Střípek snů - female - available for breeding - PL 1/1

Kristýnka a Korálek
Cristine and Coral
1st birthday

12. 8. 2011
Carinka told me to wait for babies for the next time. :-)

26. 6. 2011
International Dog Show Intercanis Brno, CZ. Judge Ludmila Pavlíková (CZ).
Coral Magic Střípek snů - only 9 months old - Excellent 1, CAJC, Best Of Junior.
Coral made it into a very close finale of Junior Best in Show, almost got a placement. Dear young boy, thank you.
Coral Magic Střípek snů

7. 6. 2011
We expect babies. :-)
Or it would be better to say, I sincerelly hope that Carinka expect them. Of course we will repeat our visit at the boy - Carinka is sometimes really hard girl to understand, so let's wait for her decision. In two months, canadian boy Damascusroad Henri by the Sea should become father. And colours? Probably wonderfull sable which I really like.

I'm looking for the new owners for our little unborn hairy balls. Someone who would look forward for them with us. They have wonderfull pedigree, for shows and breeding, but I would better see them as pets or in a very small kennel. I prefer loving family over the shows, of course the best thing is to get both. Pedigree with pictures.




23. 5. 2011
Some photos from Club Shows are in the photogallery.
I didn't have the time to put them all there. Maybe later. :-)

9. 5. 2011
There were two Club Shows at Zbraslav, CZ. I felf like I was there two years ago, as the photo seems so painfully same for me... I miss you so much, my Arny...

Saturday 7. 5. 2011, Special Club Show Zbraslav, CZ, judge Tibor Kohút, SK:
     C.I.B Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - winner class - Exc.1, CAC, Winner of the Special Club Show, BOB
     Coral Magic Střípek snů - puppy class - Very Promising 1

Sunday 8. 5. 2011, Club show Zbraslav without Club Winner title, judge Miroslav Mojžíš, CZ:
     C.I.B Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky - winner class - Exc.1, CAC
     Coral Magic Střípek snů - puppy class - Very Promising 1

Coral a Cárinka

28. 4. 2011
After the long looking, I decided the father of our next puppies. I hope everything will go allright.

Damascusroad Henri by the Sea
sire: Ch. Damascusroad Henri by the Sea
patella luxation 0-0
ICh. Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky
dam: C.I.B. Cárinka z Krakovanské skalky
patella luxation 0-0
opthalmology negative


Bright 22. 2. 2011
Bright Lord Střípek snů are going to have his first puppies with Inka Zlatý bizon. :-)

5. 2. 2011
We brought Coral and Cristine to take a look at the international dogshow in Brno.

When a dog is very tiny, he needs a big voice to be seen at all. Coral kept it in mind when he was in a show hall. He told everybody and everywhere that "Mr. BIG DOG is coming through".
Cristine played a princess this time. She is usually quite talkative but to have the brother doing her own job was something she enjoyed a lot, so she just jumped around like a hairy bunny.

I played with them inside the ring before the judging started, then we did some shopping and went home soon. It was a perfect day. Small dogs with great egos had a wolderful Saturday. :-)


Korálek a Kristýnka
Coral Magic Střípek snů & Cristine Claire Střípek snů
5 months


8. 1. 2011
Yesterday I was with Cristine Claire Střípek snů at her first dog show. She made me proud and happy. I think that some dogs are born with that little more glance that is needed for a perfect show dog. It's something in character and in movement. And my little Cristine is full of it.
I wish her luck and style for many more next times. I'm looking forward to it.

Nationat dog show Olomouc, CZ
7. 1. 2011, judge Marie Marušková

Cristine Claire Střípek snů

  - baby class - Very promising 1, Best Baby